Many parents don’t want to think about insurance for their little ones but locking in a childhood whole life policy can be one of the most important things you ever do for your child.

Many children grow up to be adults that are considered uninsurable by many insurance companies due to a litany of common conditions, from depression to ADHD to cancers.

While we hope your child never faces any of these challenges, locking in a childhood whole life policy at their healthiest not only ensures that they enjoy childhood prices for the duration of their policy, but it also ensures that they can never lose their whole life policy due to future health issues or old age. Yes, even when they are 85!

Setting your child up with a whole life insurance policy is an affordable gesture that they’ll thank you forever.

And because we care about ensuring children have the best chance for success in every way possible, we now also offer a completely FREE guide to prepaid college plans state-by-state as part of our Plan Ahead Kit, so parents can make the confident choice that is best for them and their family.


27% of North American adults under 65, do not qualify for insurance policies.

According to KFF.ORG


Almost 40% of Americans will leave their families in financial distress when they die.

According to


Percent of insured who wish they had purchased their policies at a younger age

According to Policy Genius

Why is it important?

Many adults find that they are considered uninsurable because of common health issues, such as weight, ADHD, depression medication, diabetes, and more. Insuring children when they are at their healthiest means you can lock in a policy.

Why do I need a Plan Ahead Kit?

Give yourself and your family a peace of mind by insuring your children and grandchildren today. Their rates will never be cheaper than they are right now, and will never go up. So an 85-year-old man will still pay his childhood rate.

Lifelong Protection

A whole life policy can be purchased inexpensively, but the benefits never expire and your child can never lose their policy even if their health changes or if they get older. They will have an option to purchase additional insurance as their needs change with life.

Which Policy is Better?

Which policy is right for your child will depend on your personal goals. A licensed agent can help answer all your questions and help you compare policies that fit your family. Our licensed insurance agents have experience insuring families like yours, and can help you find a policy that meets your needs


Our Plan Ahead Kit is a tool designed to give parents an all-encompassing, peace-of-mind head start to their young ones. The Plan Ahead Kit networking team has put together a comprehensive College Savings Plan guide of plans offered throughout the United States in an easy STATE-BY-STATE comparison.

The Plan Ahead Kit also gives you tips, insider know-how, and important facts about each individual plan.  These plans offer attractive tax benefits when saving for educational expenses, including tax-free growth and withdrawals. As a sweetener, many states offer a break on contributions you make to a plan, too.

We put together this TOTALLY FREE guide for parents. Get your free download link when you sign up for an appointment below!

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